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Crystal Healing: Stone-Cold Information About Gemstone Treatments


Crystal Healing: Stone-Cold Information About Gemstone Treatments

Crystal healing, which uses crystals and other stones to treat ailments and prevent disease, is an alternative medicine method. Crystal healing advocates believe that crystals act as conduits to healing, allowing positive energy to flow into the body and preventing disease-causing energy from flowing out.

However, crystal healing is gaining popularity. Many scientists and doctors do not consider it a science. There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that crystal healing can cure diseases. This is because it has never been proven that energy flows in the body are the cause of many diseases. Scientific studies have not shown that gems and crystals can be distinguished by their chemical compositions or colors to treat specific ailments.

Healing crystals are still popular in health spas and New Age clinics. Sometimes, they are incorporated into other practices such as massage and Reiki. Although crystals may be used in these settings, it is not proven to induce relaxation.

How it is supposed to work

Crystal healers believe that gemstones and crystals can facilitate healing. Crystal healing is a practice that many sites claim dates back to at least 6,000 years when it was first discovered by the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. These sites also mention Ancient Egyptians as having been among the first to wear crystals to protect themselves from illness and negative energies.

Modern crystal healing philosophy is based on ancient concepts from Asian cultures. These include the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi, qi), and the Hindu and Buddhist concepts of chakras. These are vortices that contain this life energy and are said to link the supernatural and physical elements of the body.

Crystal healing assigns stones different properties. However, healers may have different opinions about which stones have which properties. Some believe that amethyst is good for the intestines. Green aventurine aids the heart. Yellow topaz helps with mental clarity. The seven chakra points of the body are represented by the colors red to violet.

A crystal healer will place crystals or stones on your body that align with these chakra points. These areas are roughly the top of the head, the forehead, the chest, the stomach, the gut, and the genital region. Patients may choose the stones and the placement of them to treat their symptoms. All of this is affected by the healer’s understanding and belief in the chakra philosophy of illness and energy imbalances, which is often dismissed by Western medical practitioners.

Crystal healing can also be done with stones and crystals worn on the body or under pillows to absorb positive energy, according to Crystal Vaults. This company sells these crystals which it calls “talismans” (or “amulets”)

How It works

Although there are not many scientific studies that prove crystal healing is effective, there is one study that suggests crystal healing may cause a placebo effect on a patient who receives this type of treatment. Christopher French, the head of the University of London’s anomalistic psychology research unit, said that placebo effects are side effects of treatment that aren’t directly related to the treatment.

The crystal healing process may make a person feel more relaxed, but it is not proven that crystals are responsible for this improvement. French presented a paper to the British Psychological Society Centenary Annual Conference, Glasgow in 2001. It was written by French and his colleagues from Goldsmiths College, University of London. This paper described their research on crystal healing.

The study asked 80 participants to meditate for five minutes while holding a real or fake quartz crystal. Half of the participants were trained to observe any effects the crystals could have on their bodies, such as tingling or warmth.

Participants were asked questions after meditating to determine if they felt any effects during the crystal healing session. Researchers found that participants who used fake crystals to meditate were not affected by the same effects as those who used real crystals.

Participants in both the fake and crystal groups described feeling warm in their hands while holding the crystals or fake crystals. They also reported feeling more well-being. People who were primed to experience these effects experienced stronger results than those who weren’t. These effects were not related to whether the crystal was real or fake. According to a questionnaire, those who believed in crystal power were twice as likely to feel effects from crystals than those who did not believe.

French stated that there is no evidence crystal healing can be used over and above the placebo effect. This is the right standard to evaluate any type of treatment. Your attitude towards placebo effects will determine whether crystal healing or any other [complementary or alternative medicine] is worthless.

French noted that many treatments have no therapeutic effect, other than the placebo effect. These treatments may temporarily make you feel better, but there is no evidence that they can cure or treat any diseases. French stated that if you have a serious medical condition, it is important to seek out treatment from a licensed doctor and not an alternative healer.

Is crystal healing safe?

Bypassing a certification course offered often over the Internet by “natural medicine” clinics or universities, crystal healers can become healers. Many of these courses are not accredited by any central agency. There are currently no federal or state laws that regulate the practice of crystal healing. This alternative treatment could fall under the umbrella of bodywork or massage therapy in some states. Crystal healers in those states may need a license to practice their craft.

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork also offers voluntary board certification exams for alternative healers and massage therapists. NCTMB supports schools and businesses offering certification for alternative healers. However, they must meet certain criteria.

Some doctors are tolerant of crystal healing in a limited way. They see it as a therapy that induces relaxation. This is ultimately beneficial for stress management. However, those seeking to heal crystals should not forego legitimate treatment for life-threatening diseases.

Parents also use Baltic amber necklaces as teething aids for their toddlers and infants. They believe that the amber will alleviate the pain, similar to other gemstones. Healthy Children states that there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that amber can reduce teething pain. Two theories explain the amber’s alleged mechanism of action: One, succinic acid, a pain-relieving ingredient, is released by heat from the baby’s skin into the bloodstream. Two, amber stimulates the thyroid gland, increasing drooling, and reducing inflammation in the ears and stomach.

John Snyder, a pediatrician, wrote an article on amber necklaces for the website Science-Based Medicine. He listed many claims about amber neckties and how they can help reduce pain. Snyder claimed that the only plausible claims were that Baltic amber contains succinic acids, that some molecules can be absorbed through the skin and that succinic acids are naturally found within the human body. However, succinic acid is only found in very small amounts in amber and it is not released by heat. It is not known if succinic acid has a therapeutic or healing effect.

In a 2016 letter to the editor, Alexandra Hudson and Robyn McLaughlin discuss how the risks of wearing amber necklaces far outweigh their potential benefits. There are several documented cases of strangulation and choking that the necklaces pose. The Canadian Pediatric Society and American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend against the use of amber necklaces. They also recommend that parents be properly educated on teething and amber healing.

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