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Find Out The Greatest Dispensaries In Denver


Find Out The Greatest Dispensaries In Denver

Despite the fact that much has changed in the last year, the Mile High City continues to provide when it comes to high-quality cannabis. But, with over 550 dispensaries to choose from, where do you even begin to delve into the dank? We’ve collected up the best one-stop-shop online dispensary Canada in Denver to take care of your full greens list, from delectable edibles to top-notch concentrates and supporting topicals to blossoming flower power. If you’re on a budget, we’ve got you covered with the finest dispo offers in the city so you can party on the cheap (not through your savings). Still worried about doing business in person at COVID-19? So you can eat with confidence, you’ll find safety precautions split down by location (including plenty of curbside and online ordering alternatives).

This award-winning brand (which presently has 112 awards) produces top-notch flower, concentrates, and vapes. With all-natural growing methods and attention to detail, HLH promotes total wellness and client happiness, and has its own breeding program, which implies exclusive strains. Papa Smurph and Platinum Valley are popular strains, while the HLH GG#4 (a non-proprietary strain) has undergone extensive in-house testing and is a popular recreational and medical option. Wyld, Wana, Coda, and Stillwater’s Ripple Dissolvables are all consistently in stock when it comes to out-of-house products. Here, you’ll find a wide range of daily discounts. Joints cost $7.94 for one, $14.30 for two, and $19.06 for three, half-ounces cost $98.88 (and can be split into four eighths), while HLH sugar, shatter, wax, and butter cost $19.86 per gram or $63.54 for four grams (pre-tax prices). You can also receive 2% back by joining the points program as a thank you for your unwavering loyalty (earn points for every dollar you spend).

Protocol for COVID-19: Order online and keep an eye on the COVID-19 blog post on the HLH website for the most up-to-date information. In-store shoppers are also subjected to severe social distancing measures.

Farms of the Apothecary

This concentrate-focused hotspot offers outstanding varietals with high-cannabinoid extracts. Apothecary Farms uses advanced extraction procedures, such as cryo freezers and climate-controlled transit, to preserve terpenes (for all you flavor snobs). In-house strains including Honey Banana, Blackberry Banana Kush, and Black Cherry OG are known for their unique and exotic flavors. Every extraction batch is consistent and clean thanks to an advanced lab that follows standard operating standards. Every day, $15 grams of shatter and wax are available for purchase, as well as $25 daily specials on live resin for dab enthusiasts. Connoisseurs will like the large assortment of solventless hash rosin created in-house, which starts at roughly $50 per gram. If you’re looking for flower, there are usually approximately ten strains on hand at any given time, supplied from elite cultivators such as 14er Boulder, and you can get a $20 eighth on top-shelf buds.
Protocol for COVID-19: To guarantee that everything is clean and sterilized at all times, the dispensary follows all CDC rules. All clients and personnel at Apothecary Farms are required to wear masks while on the premises.

Lucy Sky is a cannabis dispensary.

Lucy Sky goes above and above for her customers. The staff wants to build long-term relationships between cannabis advisors and customers, thus education is crucial for this two-location brand. Malek’s Premium Cannabis, Clearwater, Cuban Crew, and Willie’s Reserve all provide hand-picked, top-shelf flower at all times. When it comes to outsourcing product lines, consistency is crucial, and Green Dot Labs, Soiku Bano, 710 Labs, and Dablogic can all be found on a regular basis. Every day of the week has a different deal, from $165 daily ounces to 10% off edibles on Mondays to 10% off top-shelf live resin and all other concentrates on Wednesdays. If you’re a morning person, come in during the first hour of the day for a 15% discount. There are also Sky Bucks to be had (get $5 off $35 the following week) and a gram can be added for $5 when you buy $40. So, throw a few extra coins in the meter and enjoy this light shopping spree at your leisure.
Protocol for COVID-19: Online ordering is encouraged, and for debit card-only orders, curbside pickup is available. Customers must clean their hands in the lobby and no more than three guests can shop at a time within the store (all staff is masked and in gloves). Each register has sneeze guards, and no hand-to-hand transactions are allowed. Areas for social separation are indicated, and the entire room is cleansed on a regular basis.

L’Eagle Services is a company that offers a variety of services.

L’Eagle is committed to using sustainable, ecologically friendly procedures throughout the board. Do you have trouble deciding which cannabis product is best for you? You will find exactly what you need thanks to a dedicated and professional staff. L’Eagle’s flower growers use two degreed horticulturists and nearly 40 years of commercial cannabis practices to produce buds that are properly cured for 60 days before being sold. From L’Eagle Eagle, with sweet pine and lemon smells and energizing effects, to the award-winning Austin Hash Plant, a broad selection of 25 to 30 organic flower strains keeps the regulars lining up. This 10-year-old company uses only the greatest nutrients available to grow plants that eat better than most people. The purest rosin (using just heat and pressure; no chemicals or solvents) and caviar (containing Girl Scout Cookies blossom, dipped in freshly pressed, 100 percent solventless rosin, and rolled in freshly sifted kief) are made and grown away from the business. But don’t be fooled by the organic character of the place; L’Eagle offers packages for a low-cost green smoking experience. Sign up for text message alerts to get the inside scoop on half-price deals, $10 eighths on a snow day, $15 grams of live resin, and more. You can still get a $99 ounce and a $16 eighth on a typical day and feel good about burning up in sustainable style.

Pre-order online (you may also check real-time menus) to expedite the experience, and your products will be ready and waiting when you arrive. Within the dispensary, L’Eagle employs social distancing and advises COVID-19 safeguards.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Company is a cannabis company based in Colorado.

Formerly known as Northern Lights, Rocky Mountain Cannabis Co.’s new Denver location sources from a large number of third-party producers, giving flower enthusiasts a wide range of products and rates. Consider up to 75 different strains of concentrates, ranging from wax and shatter to living resins and rosins. Dialed In products, which are manufactured with rosin, will elevate your culinary experience. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to take advantage of some fantastic discounts! Tuesday offers 15% off eighths and bigger amounts, Wednesday (called Pensday) offers BOGO cartridges, and Sunday offers choose-your-own-deal. Despite the change, you can anticipate the same pleasant faces you’ve come to know and love—just in new T-shirts! Furthermore, all loyalty points from Northern Lights were transferred to the new database.

One individual (or a group of two) can enter the waiting room while another person (or a group of two) shops inside, according to the COVID-19 protocol. Customers are asked to keep a six-foot social gap between themselves and the personnel when in the store. Everyone is compelled to wear facial covers over their nose and mouth. Do you miss Weedmaps’ former ease of use? The shift is taking place right now!

Denver Kush Club is a cannabis club in Denver, Colorado.

This 11-year-old Five Points institution, located next door to the legendary Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, is known for its in-house bud that leads to concentrates. Diamonds, sauce, live resin, shatter, wax, Denver Nuggets (moon rocks), Caviar joints, distillate, and cartridges are among the many vintage and new Kush Concentrates goods on display in the rec case. DKC supplies up to 25 strains at a given for people who want conventional flower, ranging from iconic Kush (duh!) buds to the most popular and newest strains. To round out the assortment, there are edibles and topicals (as well as a comprehensive clothing line).

COVID-19 protocol: Place orders online, over the phone, or at the curb, and expect tight social separation while inside the store.

Herbal Treatment

The draw at this mom-and-pop shop is connoisseur floral, great customer service, and art installations. The Herbal Cure has increased their budventory over the last year to include strains from Snaxland, Bloom County, and Cherry, in order to maintain shelves supplied (25 to 30 strains at a time) and please its expanding customer base. Apple Fritter, Tropicana Cherries, Super Lemon Haze, Runtz, and Frankenberry, as well as a range of OG and Cookies hybrids, are among the best-selling strains. Beyond the bud, this dispensary is a one-stop shop for concentrates from Viola, Harmony Extracts, and DabsLabs, as well as live rosin, pods, and pasta joints from 710 Labs, as well as solventless selects from Green Dot Labs and Sunshine Extracts—look out for in-house flavors extracted from the house grow from several of these concentrate collabs! Consume edibles from Coda, Wana, and Robhots; this full-spectrum operation has something for every palate. Have you yet to discover the Cure? Every day, new clients receive a 20% discount on their first purchase, as well as $22 eighths.

COVID-19 protocol: The Herbal Cure continues to serve walk-in consumers in accordance with city and state regulations, but customers can also place online orders. Take advantage of a 4.20 percent discount for those who pre-order till further notice.

Terrapin Rehabilitation Center

This independent, locally-owned shop, where the staff goes the extra mile, offers a wide selection of award-winning flowers as well as deep savings on popular brands. Are you undecided about which strain to try? Classic strains like Moonshine Haze and Hells OG, as well as Terrapin-exclusive strains like Grapefruit Durban and Ugly Stepsister, are recommended by seasoned budtenders. Try the pre-rolled TerraPins ($23.95) for a quick fix. Puff Terrapin’s premium line of flower “The Woods,” which consists of outrageously strong strains from exotic bloodlines, if you’re looking for a more heightened boost. They also bring the heat with Double Bear Concentrates, which are created in collaboration with Terrapin farmers by real-life mad scientists. Flavorful concentrates, including cured (beginning at $19.50 per gram) and live resin, as well as a wide range of inexpensive vape carts (from $15 to $30) and pods, line the cases. Wana, NFuzed, Cheeba Chews, and 1906 are among the edible brands that offer great value, flavor, and strength. Join the TerraPoints program to get extra offers with every purchase as an added bonus.

COVID-19 protocol: Prior to coming, place an online order for convenient pick-up. Expect CDC requirements in the shop, such as social distancing and only one shopper inside at a time. All employees wear masks and gloves, and all surfaces are sanitized on a regular basis.

Natural Verde

Verde Natural’s distinct and bright flavor profile is a result of hand-grown plants planted in living, recycled soil. These indoor buds are fed an all-organic diet and have received honors for both taste and potency, whether it’s Hazelnut Cream, Super Lemon Haze, Wedding Cake, or Coal Creek Kush. This method of harvesting is responsible for Verde’s pleasant aftertaste when inhaled. Verde’s flower is converted into solventless DabLogic products like Live SHO Cake Batter and cartridges to generate Cannabis Cup-winning concentrates. Even quality product is offered at a lesser cost, with four full-gram joints for $40, buy 8 grams, get 7 free on solventless goods, and the strain of the month priced at $25 per eighth.
Protocol for COVID-19: It is recommended that you order online or over the phone. If you plan on visiting, keep in mind that only three individuals (from both the recreational and medical sides) are allowed in the shop at any given time, and masks are required. Staff members wear gloves and masks, and the store, as well as the ATM, are disinfected on a regular basis.

Pellicer, Diego

At this top-notch establishment, the stunning interiors featuring Chihuly glass art aren’t the main draw. Diego Pellicer is all about the customer journey, with a heavy emphasis on the purchasing experience. A brand-new bud bar in the room’s center showcases more than 30 distinct exotic and premium strains, while the inventory includes exclusive discounts and hard-to-find items. The name bears reference to an 1800s hemp entrepreneur, and the high-quality cannabis comes from a vertically integrated company grow, as well as outsourced, small-batch, exotic strains from boutique grows, with THC levels often testing in the high-20 and mid-to-high-30 percentiles. This upmarket dispensary is known for its potency and well-grown exotic genetics, and it stocks strains like Colorado Cream Soda, Super Lemon MAC, and Runtz from growers like Locol Love, Antero Sciences, Snaxland, and Cherry. Diego Pellicer’s concentrates include 7-gram live resin buckets, solventless and freeze-dried concentrates, CBD isolate, and Empire Diamonds, a 99 percent THCA product. Don’t be fooled by the dispensary’s appearance; any day of the week, you may get $15 eighths, $9 grams, $100 ounces, $15 grams of wax and shatter, and $24 grams of live resin.

COVID-19 protocol: Visit the Diego Pellicer website and place an online order. If you choose to shop inside, keep in mind that only four individuals can shop at a time and that social distance is essential. Budtenders are obliged to wear gloves and disinfect their hands and stations on a regular basis. Masks are also necessary.

Man of Medicine

This four-branch dispensary’s operation is anchored by a 40,000-square-foot cultivation facility. There’s lots of diversity when it comes to indica, sativa, hybrids, and CBD possibilities, with up to 50 different strains blooming at once. Wana gummies fly off the shelves every day when the in-house flower isn’t being served. Medicine Man has a large assortment of third-party edibles and concentrates, including Incredibles, NFuzed, Wyld, PAX, 710 Labs, Lazercat, and Green Dot Labs. At Medicine Man, there’s always a bargain to be had; take advantage of everyday low prices and a reward program that allows you to collect points every time you purchase.

COVID-19 protocol: All stores are following strict social distancing procedures. At each register, there are sneeze guards and 6-foot dividers. All budtenders are expected to wear gloves and disinfect their work areas after each transaction. They are also required to wear facemasks. To save time in the store, online ordering is recommended.

The Health Center is a place where people can go to get

The Health Center has 20 to 30 award-winning strains available. More than just catchy bud monikers will get you in these doors, from Durban Poison to Strawberry Nightmare. Visitors can take advantage of bargains seven days a week, in addition to a significant focus on ethical and local grows, as well as potency and effectiveness. On Saturdays, you may get BOGO half-priced edibles. Early-bird stoners who can make it in for “happy hour,” which occurs during the first hour of operation each day, can pick their own offer from the daily lineup.

COVID-19 protocol: The Health Center has placed air purifiers at all of its sites, as well as protection shields at each terminal and hand sanitizing facilities for everyone. The employees wear gloves and masks at all times, sanitize the ATM after each transaction, and follow the hand-washing guidelines. Curbside service is now accessible, and in-person transactions are limited to 7 minutes. Patrons who do not maintain a considerable social distance risk being ejected.


This spacious Glendale location, just over the Denver County Line, is home to some of the most prized and exceptional genetics in the cannabis industry, as well as a knowledgeable team that is always happy to help. Classic strains like Louis XIII hold their own against modern stars like ARC, MAC1, and GMO Cookies, while exclusives like ARCtic Cookies and Trixxx set the bar high for new strain development. Do you have a green thumb? Trust Kind Love to deliver clean, high-quality clones derived from the same A-list genetics and seeds as their A-list genetics and seeds, courtesy of world-class breeders.

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