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Guide for Legendary Commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms


Guide for Legendary Commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms

Cao Cao

Even a commander that, until recently occurred in the maximum respect from the grade lists. Recently, he has dropped a little out of favor but nonetheless remains strong against barbarians along with barbarian forts. He is also rather skillful in world PvP.

Lofty Ambition: Components have an opportunity to reestablish HP, increase their stride rate, and reestablish anger on strike. Click here for more detail.
Recommended for: open-field combat, and racing barbarians along with barbarian forts.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Readily accessible for newbies, unlocked ancient by paying a smaller commission, and can be an all-around great commander for a number of stages of their game. A must-buy if you are seriously interested in being competitive in ROK, and he will just cost you $0.99.

  • Demo in Kurama-Dera: Passively increases cavalries’ Rush rate and attack.
  • Kyohachiryu Kiwami: boosts the Kyohachiryu power, increasing its own damage and proc speed.
  • Recommended for: Minamoto is still also an adequate commander for field combat and racing barbarians, especially when utilizing cavalry. His very first skill makes him suited to single-target damage, in the place of AoE struggle.

Richard I

This commander is the Go-to choice when it comes to directing infantry bases, and he is even the Most Effective healer in the game, making him a precious tank along with a defensive component


  • Soul of those Crusaders: Heals neighboring allies and employs a debuff to five enemies which reduce their stride rate and attack.
  • The Lion Heart: Passively escalates the attack and defense of most infantry units.
  • Battle-Hardened: Passively enriches healing impacts and reduces eye tower harm when hurrying enemy forts.
  • Tyrannical L-ion: Further reduces damage taken by infantry components and increases the damage dealt with cavalry enemies. His strikes additionally passively lower the goal’s stride rate every 10 minutes.
  • Recommended for: Richard can be actually really just a fantastic tank and also a valuable healer. Some could say he’s the ideal commander for this particular function. He excels in protecting cities and temples, also in world struggle, especially if working with infantry troops.

Charles Martel

An adequate commander with a lot of defensive skills, perfect for strengthening those tactical places or temples out of enemy strikes.

  • As the obstacle is in consequence, the troops’ damage is raised.
  • Martel’s Counter Attack: Enhances the Counter-attack harm of your own troops.
  • Recommended for: Since you could be able to tell out of his defensive apparel, Charles Martel can be a great garrison guardian, which ought to function as his principal function.

Yi Seong-Gye

A superb candidate for fort shield along with world PvP, mostly thanks his exemplary passive bonuses which increase watch-tower along with garrison harm, in addition to his strong AoE skills.

Art of Archery: gets an opportunity to generate additional rage whenever a troop strikes. Additionally, it raises archer damage temporarily whenever that this skill procs.

  • Joseon Dynasty: Passively promotes garrison and watch-tower damage when functioning like a garrison commander.
  • Destiny: Passively raises the harm of skills that are active.
  • Recommended forThis commander is good for World PvP, though he is also a fantastic offensive unit for protecting temples.

El Cid

A unique commander which goes nicely with archer troops and that may disable enemy strikes with his busy skill. But which usually means he suffers greatly if paired alongside additional commanders that rely upon counter-attacking since their opponents won’t have the ability to strike when disabled.


  • Famous Warrior: Prices moderate harm to your goal and simplifies their strikes for 1 minute.
  • Poem of El Cid: high likelihood of coping appreciable additional damage with each normal attack.
  • Unyielding: Notably boosts march rate and damage if staying soldiers fall below 50 percent.
  • Out-of-control: Passively promotes archers’ attack and defense, and additional increases attack if fighting infantry.
  • Recommended forEl Cid goes well after controlling armies of archers, helping to make him a fantastic selection for world PvP, also fort shield. But, stay clear of pairing him commanders such as Scipio Africanus or even Charles Martel, that rely upon counter-attacks to cope with the damage.

Julius Caesar

An adequate commander, devoted to world PvP and discriminated against enemy cities.

  • Divine Julius: Reduces damage brought on by his own troops with a collection percent, and supplies an extra opportunity to proc an extra defense incentive after his soldiers fall under 60 percent.
  • City Killer: features a prospect of lowering enemy shields when assaulting cities.
    In Front of His TimePrices harm to your goal and raises assault, protection, and harm for a Little While.
  • Recommended for: While Julius is out-shined in the majority of areas, he is still an adequate rallier and proficient in the world PvP. His passive bonuses have been all welcome at any army.

Frederick I

This commander is exemplary for assaulting and pillaging different cities. He is quite straightforward from the feeling his abilities allow him to deal additional damage or increases his damage.


  • Barbarossa: for a brief time, all soldiers possess a high possibility of coping massive additional injury to the enemy with every normal attack.
  • Never stop trying: provides the minimal possibility of curing hurt troops with each attack.
  • Furious Barbarossa: Enhances the Barbarossa skill by upping its own proc possibility to 100%.
  • Recommended for: Frederick is excellent for one item, and something only; and also that thing is assaulting cities. Though it is likely to utilize him world PvP with the ideal gift build.

Hannibal Barca

That really is just another commander that is targeted on assaulting enemy garrisons, though he has several passives for improving his own operation on the planet PvP.


  • War Elephant: Bargains single-target damage, also reduces enemy damage and shield for a brief span.
    Envelopment Strategies: Increases damage when using at least 2 separate unit types from the army. Damage is significantly increased when involving three separate unit types.
  • Siege: has a passive opportunity to heal injured units with every attack. Increase troop damage for a brief span after with a dynamic skill.
    War Elephant Trample: boosts the very first skill with the addition of another attack after the first hit, which divides into three components and also implements the defense and damage debuff to all of the affected targets.
  • Recommended for: Hannibal can be really actually just a debuffer that may cripple the enemy’s defenses and overpower them using superior tactics. The simple fact he receives incentives because of adding different troop types for his army makes him well suited for top integrated unit squads.

Mehmed II

He supplies loads of bonuses when coordinating rallies, which makes him the perfect commander for launch allied assaults, notably contrary to other cities.

Damage can be decreased for each unit following the first. Deals additional injury to watch-towers along with garrisons.
Lord Land and Sea: Passively promotes ability damage and troop harm.

  • Fatih: When attacking cities, ” he along with his troops have a little possibility of coping additional damage with every attack. Additionally escalates the army capacity of the full rally.
  • Orban Bombard: enhances the preliminary damage of Ottoman Cannons, also somewhat increases damage dealt with garrisons along with watchtowers. In addition, it supplies a 50 percent chance to establish an extra burst of harm to such buildings.
  • Recommended for Mehmed can be definitely an exceptional pioneer for attacking cities and coordinating rallies. If such a thing, his utter damage output may allow put a large dent in the enemy guards.


Inspired by most players while the very ideal F2P commander from the game since she is quite potent and can be unlocked only by expeditions. She yells in world PvP as a result of her ample AoE abilities and gains that are passive.

In addition, strikes upto 5 additional enemies also employ precisely the exact debuffs to any or all affected aims.
Thunderous Force: Increases troops’ shield against counter-attacks and gives them a tiny likelihood of cutting back the march rate of most enemy troops. This debuff is emptied against cavalry.

  • Synergy: Grants bonus adventure when beating barbarians and impartial units within the map. Passively increases damage dealt with barbarians.
  • Fortress of Mercia: Escalates the military capability of allied players when arranging a rally. It also increases troop damage if resulting in a military together with three or more distinct kinds of units.
  • Recommended: she’s a superb option for world PvP and is fantastic for grinding to get adventure against barbarians. And she is free which means that you may certainly unlock her from completing expeditions.

The main reason why people put them, 3 commanders, together is that they excel at precisely exactly the exact identical point: Gathering. There is not much to consider in this aspect, aside from the truth that all of them give you a little bit of damage, survivability, and a lot of developments to troop load and collecting rate. We recommend using these limited to collecting rather than for combating.

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