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Guide For The Best Sleigh Beds That You Should Consider


Guide For The Best Sleigh Beds That You Should Consider

Are you considering redecorating your bedroom? You might be thinking of changing the furniture in your bedroom if you are doing a complete remodel. It is, as the name suggests, the centerpiece of the bedroom. You will be amazed at how the rest of your room revolves around it. This is why you should consider a Sleigh Bed.

The classic design of sleigh beds is characterized by a curving headboard and footboard. Sleigh beds are known for their elegant, long profile which is both welcoming and romantic. Sleigh beds were traditionally made from wood but have been updated to reflect modern trends in bedroom interior design. These beds can be made from metal or fabric and, in some cases, include trundle beds. Sleigh beds can also be made for children, with convertible designs for toddlers and young kids.

It’s time to research if you are considering a sleigh mattress in the near future. This definitive buying guide will help you choose the best sleigh bed for you. You can also check out our top picks.

Important considerations


Scrolled headboard, footboard and headboard:Sleigh beds have a scrolled headboard. There is always a scrolled headboard. However, there are some differences in the design of the footboard. The footboard is generally smaller than the headboard. In some cases, there may not be any footboard at all. These designs are simpler and can be saved a few inches if your bedroom is small.

Feet:Sleigh foot can look just as elegant as the rest. Wooden pegs are the most basic, while scrolled and cabriole designs can be more elaborate. Nonslip or felt pads are available for certain feet to protect floors.

Frame The long bed rails can either be plain and unadorned or incorporate the rest of the sleigh’s intricate design. Rails can have crown molding, carving, and even drawers. No matter what the rail’s exterior looks like, their primary function is to provide a foundation for the mattress.


Sleigh beds can be made in any size bed, but not all sleigh beds come in every size. The most popular sizes are queen and king. It is harder to find an ottoman sleigh bed for full and twin mattresses. There are also fewer toddler beds available.

Box spring

About half of all sleigh beds require boxsprings. Some are made to fit just the mattress. Your mattress might not be supported by the slats if it is too soft. Box springs are not usually included with sleigh beds. One will have to be purchased separately.


Sleigh beds are usually delivered unassembled due to their large size. You can assemble the sleigh bed yourself if you have powertool. This will make it much more manageable with two hands. It is possible to put together more complicated beds in hours. In these cases, it is worth calling an expert.



Wood: Wood has been the most widely used material for sleigh beds. There are many wood options, including walnut, cherry, pine and pine. Some sleigh beds also have a mixture of these woods. Wood is easy to maintain and some styles can be affordable. However, if the wood gets scratched, it can be quite costly to repair.

Metal: Metal has been growing in popularity for sleigh bed, particularly for country and simple decor. Metal beds can be adorned with wood accents for a contemporary, mixed-media appearance. Metal is a relatively affordable option that can transform the look of a bedroom. However, it may need to be tightened regularly.

Upholstery For a more regal and extravagant look, there is also the option of upholstered sleigh bed. These beds are made from traditional wood or metal frames and covered with velvet, tapestry or heavyweight linen. The romantic atmosphere of upholstered sleigh beds can elevate a bedroom. However, it is difficult to clean the fabric covering if there are major stains.


There are a few design options for sleigh beds, but they don’t have many. You can also find hybrid trundles that include drawers or compartments, and sometimes a mattress for an additional sleeper. Although they are more difficult to find, they can be a great choice if you require additional storage but your room isn’t big enough for an additional dresser.

Convertible toddler beds with sleigh beds are becoming more popular because they can be removed once your child is able to sleep without them. This is the best option if your child wants quality bedroom furniture. The sleigh bed can then be used as an additional seating option in a playroom, until the child reaches 50 pounds.


Furniture sliders

Sleigh beds are heavy and can be difficult to move. SuperSliders furniture sliders make it easy to slide large furniture. This set includes a plastic surface for carpets, and plush covers to protect hardwood floors.

Accent throw Bourina Textured Toss

Accent throws are a great finishing touch to your sleigh bed. This Bourina 50×60-inch cyan throw is our favorite. Its simple texture adds depth and interest. It is made from soft 100% acrylic and has tassels which, when draped over the bed, add elegance to your entire bedding set.

Accent pillow covers: OiseauVoler Throw pillows cases

New accent pillows covers can add a finishing touch for a newly made bed. These OiseauVoler accent pillow covers feature a neutral background with 3D sunflowers. They come in a variety of colors so it is easy to match your bedroom and bedding.

Sleigh bed prices

Prices for sleigh beds range from $225 to $2,500. This is a wide range and depends on many variables such as size, durability, and materials.

Affordable: You can find a lot of toddler, twin and full sleigh beds made from wood for as low as $225 to $400. This range includes queen and king beds, but there are not many. You will need to inspect your bed after assembly as some designs are of poor quality.

Mid-range: For $400 to $1,000 you can choose from a wider range of sizes and materials. There are many traditional wood designs, but there are also modern metal and fabric options. These sleigh beds are of good quality and will last for many years.

Expensive: You can expect high-quality sleigh beds from top furniture brands for $1,000 and more. These beds require skilled assembly because they are more complex. These sleigh beds are a long-lasting investment that will last.


  • Measure first. Take measurements so that you can determine if the sleigh bed will fit into your bedroom. It is possible that you will need to rearrange furniture in order to fit it.
  • Your bedding should be upgraded. You already have a brand new bed so why not upgrade to a new set of bedding?
  • You can match other furniture with the stain. You can save money on your bedroom furniture if you only spend on a sleigh bed.
  • Make sure to vacuum under the sleigh bed. Sleigh beds are elevated so dust and vacuum under them. If you are unable to move your bed, use a dust mop that has a long handle.

We also considered other products

The Baxton Studio Platformsleigh Bed is romantic. The headboard is fully upholstered in velvet and features faux crystal buttons. The black-painted feet add an elegant touch to the bottom. If your mattress is sufficiently firm, the sprung slatted foundation will suffice. This sleigh bed is higher than other beds and adds sophistication.

The DaVinci Toddler Bed will add charm to any children’s bedroom. The bed meets ASTM and CPSC safety standards. It is also lead- and phthalate free. The bed is made from New Zealand pine and the side rails offer protection for your child. There are three options: white, rich cherry, or espresso.

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