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League of Legends: The Best Skins


League of Legends: The Best Skins

League of Legends is rich in lore, which makes the game very meaningful. However, Riot Games doesn’t release skins without their own backstories. Every skin is available in the game with interesting alternate storylines. This adds to the enjoyment of every skin purchase.

It can be difficult to decide which skins are the best or most popular among Leagueplayers. While selecting poorly designed championship ryze skins can be one of the most difficult tasks in the game, there are many variables involved when choosing the best. While most players will naturally choose the skins released for their favorite champions’ champions, we mainly focused on the visual improvements each cosmetic made to the respective champions while compiling this list.

Visual effects can be a double-edged razor. However, more recent skins will be clearly better than older ones. It is not surprising that older skins will fade over time, considering Riot makes each skin line better.

These are the top nine League skins that will make you feel like your playing a totally different game.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin/ Aurelion Sol

Although it may seem like cheating to include two skins in one entry, it is difficult to distinguish some duos that serve an essential role.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin was granted his powers by Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol. Both games feature some of the most beautiful artwork and in-game animations the League has ever seen.

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol was also teased back as Ao Shin in 2013, only to arrive in 2020. Lee Sin even criticizes Lee Sin’s timing in a reproachful line: “You are late, Ao Shin.” SEVEN YEARS EARLIER

Storm Dragon Lee Sin costs 1,820 RP. Aurelion Sol sells for 1,350, and we recommend that you also check out the other Dragonmancer, if you liked the overall vibe.

Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona

Riot made efforts to introduce more anime-style skins through the Spirit Blossom skin collection, but there were already signs of the art style in the game before its release.

Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona is a formidable warrior from any anime series that has a medieval theme. The skin is a perfect match for anyone who fondly recalls the first season on Sword Art Online. Its lore suggests that Eclipse knights are fighting the Coven.

Although each skin has the same iconic armor, the color scheme of their spell animations is completely different.

The skins are available in two versions for 1,850. However, if you buy one, you will be eligible for a discount of 45 percent on the other. This means that you can get the entire bundle for less than 3,500 RP.

Darius the Dunkmaster

Many alternative universes that revolve around League are dealing with serious issues. The most epic universes are far more popular than the lighter ones. The Dunkmaster skin range is a great source of fresh air.

Dunkmaster Darius is the oldest skin on our list. However, it has definitely aged like fine wine. His outlandish and bizarre voice lines are enough to keep him relevant today, and he never fails increase the adrenaline level of anyone who is playing him.

The Dunkmaster Darius is available for 1,820RP in the shop. This allows you to follow the story of an alternate Darius who decided to become the best dunker in the world while he was still a promising basketball prodigy.

Senna / High Noon Lucian

High Noon Senna and High Noon Lucian are another pair on our list. Lucian was unable to reunite with Senna for nearly six years, but his long-lost love soon accompanied him in one the most famous skins of the champion.

Senna joined High Noon alternate universe as an Angel and Lucian was already part of it since 2018. The skins are 1,820 RP and you can roll towards bot lane wearing your High Noon skin. This should cause fear in your enemies’ hearts. This duo may be a danger to Rakan and Xayah players.

Dark Cosmic Jhin

Jhin is one of the most exciting AD carry champions in the past five years. He is completely different from all other AD champions in the game. His lore is also the best of the entire League.

There have been some amazing Jhin skins, such as the Blood Moon, that allowed his artistic side to shine through, and High Noon which made Jhin a Western movie villain. Dark Cosmic Jhin can play the lead role in an interstellar thriller film.

Dark Cosmin Jhin is priced at 1,820RP and features the artistic champion as an interstellar entity consumed by Dark Star. Dark Star transforms him into a world-devouring entity that’s very similar to Marvel’s Galactus.

Elementalist Lux

There are several types of League collectors. There are two types of collectors in the League: those who want to collect every skin for their favorite champions, and those who would like at least one skin for each player. To increase your collection’s quality, you will want to collect the most valuable skins. Elementalist Lux has the rarest skin that has all of these qualities, including the visual quality, effects and even the colors.

Elementalist Lux offers 10 alternative looks. You can switch between Air and Fire as long as enough energy is available. Attacking enemies will allow you to gain energy. You’ll have two chances to alter your form during a match. This will allow you to create unique combinations.

DarkNature + Water OR Air + Fire
IceWater + Air
MagmaNature + Fire
MysticWater + Nature
StormFire + Air
Spirit Blossom Thresh

Riot’s first attempt at Japanese aesthetics was with the Spirit Blossom skin collection. Riot used this occasion to introduce Yasuo, Yasuo’s brother, into the game. This made the Spirit Blossom event a landmark for the MOBA.

All skins in the Skin Line are great and feature excellent animations. However, Spirit Blossom Thresh is the star of the show because it features an unmasked Thresh. It’s the first Thresh skin to feature the human face of the champion. The sad truth is that the soul demon looks awful.

It quickly became the preferred skin of many Thresh mains, and the majority in the community. Spirit Blossom Thresh is priced at 1,820 RP and comes with unique voice lines that illuminate Yone’s lore.

God-King Garen

Riot’s version of one of the epic fantasy war novels is Battle of the God-Kings. Although it may sound corny, the storyline has the potential to become a TV series. God-King Darius’ side only wants endless war, while God King Garen fights to secure an everlasting reign.

We’ll go with Garen, as both sides appear equally bad. This skin is by far the most intimidating in the game. You’ll think twice before you engage him.

God-King Garen is available for 1,820 RP. It features a top lane veteran who is a fearless commander with thousands of battles under his belt.

DJ Sona

Every skin in League has its own vibe. However, not all are able to change their vibe during a match. DJ Sona is one such lucky DJ. You’ll almost become a DJ when you play Sona.

Your teammates begin to flood the chat with requests for songs and the color of the skin. Keep your team’s morale high in League. If you want to improve your chances of winning, you might need to create a list of the next tunes you will play to keep everyone happy.

DJ Sona was released in 2015. It costs 3,250 RP. Although it has been quite some time since DJ Sona was released, she is still one the most popular skins in League.

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