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Modded Gold Out Controller For PlayStation 4


Modded Gold Out Controller For PlayStation 4


Using a granule grip developed into the back part of the control Keeps the hands tight into the mod control in any way times. We added our Granule Grip into the controls to boost accuracy and your gambling experience. Our Master Mod Controllers mods available anywhere and have the number of features. Mod Controllers After we redesigned our PS-4. We made a decision to incorporate everything!

A personalized color-changing chameleon casing was added for the control to present your control a unique look each time you pick this up. Along with will change before your eyes. (custom controllers for e-sports)

This control offers features a typical controller doesn’t offer yet, these features might be switched away in any moment, and also the controller will likely probably serve as a normal controller without virtually any game. After we redesigned our x box One Mod Controllers. We made a decision to incorporate everything!

This control offers features a typical controller doesn’t offer nevertheless, these features might be switched off in any moment, and also the controller will likely probably be the normal controller using almost any game.

The x box One Mod controller utilizes the”LEFT” and”UP” guidelines on the dpad for obtaining each control feature. In addition, we give the solution of”MOD” buttons onto the rear of the control. The mod switches may be used as an alternative of”LEFT” and”UP” over the dpad to permit faster use of features as you wouldn’t have to eliminate your horn from the thumbsticks. You may realize that the White Guide Button LED Display inch period for 2 and enabled times to get disabled After enabling/disabling a feature unless otherwise noticed.


QuickFire to activate/deactivate rapid flame you can TAP”LEFT” two-times very fast or contain that the”RIGHT TRIGGER” and TAP”LEFT”. The WHITE LED will begin flashing suggesting rapid-fire is triggered. A repeat of them to turn Quickfire off. With all the Optional”MOD” follow exactly the exact identical procedure using that button. You could even get a grip on the way the light-emitting diode flashes utilizing the higher level Feature Management (page 9).

Burst Fire Into activate/deactivate burst fire support that the”X” button and after that TAP”LEFT”.The WHITE LED will turn solid to signify that burst flame is triggered. The settings that could be corrected within a programming manner will be fired at by the bursting flame. Once burst flame that is triggered can be flipped on/off with exactly the exact identical process.

Akimbo (Double Trigger Rapid-fire ) Into activate/deactivate akimbo Contain that the”LEFT TRIGGER” along with TAP” LEFT. Together with akimbo triggered you’ll possess rapid flame on either the right and left causes (individually ), that really is very good for akimbo or double firearms in Call of Duty as well as other FPS games.

Sub/Edit Modes A few of the subsequent controller features come with sub-styles. Sub manners are alterations to the feature. To improve a features sub-style HOLD”UP” +”LEFT” on the dpad, whereas holding, tap on the corresponding features button to modify the Sub-Mode. By way of instance, to improve the Jitter sub manner you’d HOLD”UP” +”LEFT”, subsequently TAP”Y”, the WHITE LED will flash to indicate that sub-style you’re in. If utilizing the discretionary”MOD” switches you’d HOLD either”MOD” buttons.

Mimic (Vehicle Akimbo) To activate/deactivate contain that the”RIGHT TRIGGER” along with TAP”UP”.When utilizing simulate, the perfect trigger controls the left cause and the ideal trigger at the exact identical moment. In case the akimbo is triggered then the cause will probably accelerate the fire, as well as rapid-fire is switched ON it works as ordinary enabling one to an extent when shooting.


Switch Off All Of the Characteristics to swiftly turn away all features that could possibly be switched for you holds”BOTH THUMBSTICK CLICKS” after which TAP either”UP” or”LEFT”. 10 days will flash and each of features will be switched off.

Mode 1:7.35S PS COD Ghosts: Mk 14, Sniper Riffles Mode 2:9.6S PS COD Ghosts: Pistols Mode 3:14S PS COD Ghosts: SemiAuto Riffles (maybe not Mk 14 ) Mode 4:16S PS GTA, RDR, COD: Automobiles, Left 4 Dead Mode 5:20S PS Halo Collection Mode 6:6.5S PS Gears of War -Cartoon Burst-mode 7:8.33S PS Gears of War –Pistols Mode 8:12.5S PS Open Mode –Default 12.5 S PS Mode 9:18S PS Open Mode –Default 18 S PS Mode 10:25S PS Open Mode –Default 25 S PS Mode and Default Speed Chart

There are 10 ways to pick from. Each is pre-programed with a particular rate, but could be individually programmed into a brand new rate (View page 6). To switch into the second style you need to HOLD”LEFT” for 4 minutes. This can indicate which style you are in. It is also possible to return to the former style by HOLDING”LB” alongside”LEFT”.

The flexible speedy reload lets you shave precious milliseconds away from your reload time. This operates following the ammo was inserted into a weapon by canceling the region of the animation. The reload has to be placed as most of the weapons have different times to your weapon you’re utilizing.

To place the reload time you must HOLD”X” and soon you view that your ammo index at the base of the screen reveals you have full ammo (this can happen ahead of the reloading animation finishes ), once you find that re-lease”X”.

This sets the time and next time you hit ordinary by simply hitting”X” the previous region of the reload animation is going to be canceled letting you begin with firing again prior to usual.


Drop-shot (standard Design ) drop-shot (Tactical layout ) The MODSRUS MOD CONTROLLER supports the conventional button designs and strategic button designs. To activate/deactivate shed shot for conventional button designs HOLD”B” along with TAP”LEFT”. To trigger shed shot for strategic button designs HOLD from the”RIGHT THUMBSTICK CLICK” along with TAP”LEFT”.

Drop-shot enables one to drop to likely and remain true if you stop. Drop-shot has 4 sub-par manners and also you must consistently use”B” after shifting the subfloor style. Sub Mode 1 Always Drop/Stand mechanically Sub Mode 2 Drop/Stand, should Maybe Not Aiming Down Sights Sub Mode 3 = Drop Just Sub Mode 4 Drop Just, should Maybe Not Aiming Down Sights

Jitter benefits from a glitch in COD games permitting quicker shooting of more or less all weapons including shotguns and burst weapons that are 3-Round. Jitter includes 3 sub-styles.


You may jump. Jump-shot has 4 sub-styles. Sub Mode Inch = Bound Only One Time Sub Mode 2 = Continuous Passing (Slow Jump Rate ) Sub Mode 3 = Continuous Passing (Moderate Jump Rate ) Sub Mode 4 = Continuous Passing (Fast rotational Rate )


Automatic Sniper Breath Into activate/deactivate car sniper Breath-hold from the”LEFT THUMBSTICK CLICK” along with TAP”LEFT”. With Vehicle sniper breath the mod holds on and will push on the thumbstick once you aim down the sights. + Pg. 4
Jitter now does not assist Ghosts but was abandoned for Future COD games.


Auto-run Into activate/deactivate car run HOLD from the”LEFT THUMBSTICK” along with TAP”UP”. It’s done with auto jog busy you need to click on the left thumbstick to begin running.

Quick Scope To activate/deactivate Contain that the”LEFT TRIGGER” along with TAP”UP”. Also, you also may extent and with range busy hold the trigger and fire at the rate set from the style. Edit Mode is obtained exactly the same has been sub-modes. When entering/exiting the manner 10 days will Flash. Hold LT –Evaluation the rate that is set. Harness UP onto d pad –Makes shot happen sooner (LED flashes once) Harness DOWN onto d pad –Makes shot happen after (LED flashes Twice) Harness directly onto d pad –Switch Quickfire with quick range ON/OFF Hold LEFT onto d pad, Then Hold LT –Establish new Quick Scope speed. Recording starts once you press LT and ceases whenever you release LT or media RT.


Auto-aim The Autoaim feature ONLY WORKS WITH ZOMBIES & CAMPAIGN GAMES. IT Doesn’t Work WITH ONLINE Match Making GAMES. You will lock and track the aim, whenever you press on the trigger with auto objective active.


Battlefield Vehicle Donating To activate/deactivate CLICK the”RIGHT THUMBSTICK” along with TAP”UP”.With auto-darkening busy, the control will automatically press on the”RB” button. They’ll soon be marked using a sign above their mind to you and your team Once you’re aiming in a competition. Sub Mode 1 On only when booted landscapes or Firing Sub Mode 2 = all the period

GOW two Weapons Inch. Two bursts. Pistols 3. Shotgun 4. Lancer 2. 3. Pistols 4. Shotgun 6.

Have timed reloads for the firearms that were many well-known in Gears of War. You pick the weapon you’re using by following the process 16 when employing this mod. Once chosen you snapped as ordinary by simply pressing on”RB” and the 2nd media of”RB” is likely to probably be discredited mechanically. Sub Mode inch = Gears of War inch Sub Mode 2 = Gears of War two Sub Mode 3 = Gears of War 3 Establish GOW Lively Reload Weapon To put the weapon that you need to master active re-load you must HOLD”UP” and TAP”RB”.You will probably TAP”RB” 1 6 times based on the weapon that you would like to pick from the list below. After you release”straight back” that the WHITE LED will flash 1 6 days to ensure your selection.


HOLD Halo 2 (Vintage ) Dual Shot Into activate/deactivate HOLD”LB” along with TAP”LEFT”. This attribute is Classic from the Master Chief Collection. Fire 6 around using a Battle Riffle rather than 3.

Therefore there’s not any pause following the shooter, this variant employs a button blend of RRXYY, and also you also may fire. Because to the radius speed in MCC Some shots have been lost and you will truly have a shot. Sub Mode 1 Double Gravity on Right Trigger Sub Mode 2 = Dual Gravity on LB Halo 2 (Vintage ) BXR To activate/deactivate HOLD”B” along with TAP”UP”. This attribute is Classic from the Master Chief Collection. When empowered pressing B will soon Melee then firing.

Best utilized with Fight Riffle. BXR/BXRR calls for the clip, so BYRR/BYYRR works constantly but is slower. To improve the Sub Mode BXR has to be switched, If it’s away you’ll change the substyle for drop shooter. Sub Mode inch = BXR Sub Mode 2 = BXRR (BXR having a dual shooter ) Sub Mode 3 = BYYR Sub Mode 4 = BYYRR (BYYR having a dual shooter ) + GOW inch Weapons inch. Two bursts. Pistols 3. Shotgun 4. Sniper/Boom Shot Programming the Adaptive Rapid/Burst Fire Settings

Change Rapid-fire Rate:

To modify the rapid-fire rate you just will have to TAP”UP” or”DOWN” on the d pad. “UP” to produce the speed faster and”DOWN” to allow it to be slower. As soon as you’ve made it to the MAX or MIN rate the LED will flash. Change Burst Fire Quantity: to alter the number of shots shot with the bursting flame you need to TAP”LEFT” or”RIGHT” on the d-pad.

Check Quick Fire Rate Placing: To look at the now set rapid-fire rate you just will have to TAP”Y”. The WHITE LED provides a very lengthy flash to the”thousands” position short flash the sole digit. (instance ) Inch flash, accompanied closely by 6 short flashes, implies you’re currently at rate-setting 16) reference the table to the subsequent page for each one the rate preferences.

Assess Burst Fire-setting:

To look at the now set burst fire putting only TAP”A”. 210 days will flash to signify the range of shots. Reset Current Mode into Default Settings: To reset the rapid-fire mode you’re now editing to the mill default option you need to HOLD”X” and”B” for 2 minutes. After 7 minutes 10 days will flash quickly to signify the Mode includes ben reset.

Re-sets ALL manners, rates, and sub-styles for their own default preferences. You may realize that the WHITE LED flash at a pattern of either both rapid, speedy. The programming style will be exited Next all preferences will probably be put to default option and the processor reset.
Rapid-fire rate configurations:

Rapid-fire Putting Shots Per-second Rapid-fire Putting Shots Per Second Critical Quick Fire Rate Info! The firing mode lets you place fire levels up nevertheless, you have to bear in mind that putting the firing will NOT benefit all games. All games have limits on the rates. Our default style preferences are optimized towards the speediest rates for your games/weapons recorded on-page.

The option will be offered for one to experiment and find settings that best enhance your playing style and also in order to produce manners for games that are part of the default arrangement.

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