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No Problem With An Old House


No Problem With An Old House

Are you looking to install a residential elevator in the home you adore? Are you putting off upgrading your standard of life because of concerns about sufficient space, building work, and regular maintenance? Are you looking for a space-saving, easy-to-install elevator that will increase the value of your property? Fortunately, home elevators offer a number of benefits that make them ideal for any retrofit or new building project.

These unique house elevators, which were founded in 2002 in Miami, Florida, USA, may be put in practically any property because they are designed to simply rest on the existing ground level. These lifts can simply rest on the ground as long as the floor is level. These eco-friendly elevators require less pre-construction than regular elevators because they do not require a shaft, pit, or machine room, making them significantly more economical to install in existing residences. With three variants to select from, these self-supporting lifts are simple to install and have little impact on the property’s structural integrity. These panoramic elevators, which are available for both through-floor and balcony mounting, feature a unique design that allows a 360° view while moving from floor to floor. These plug-and-play elevators use pneumatic technology and are powered by the world’s most abundant resource, AIR. They have been the only Air-Driven Residential Elevators available for over 20 years.


Our home elevators are installed by qualified and skilled distributors who provide the highest quality of installation and servicing in over 90 countries worldwide. We tests every house elevator and lift spare parts at our plant prior to shipping to ensure that each elevator satisfies the toughest quality and safety standards. Our distributors bring the pre-tested elevator inside the dwelling in modular portions, which allows for a faster installation. These expert specialists can install our home elevators considerably easier and more efficiently than a typical lift with a small team of two or a bigger team of six. The elevator is stacked, cleaned, and plugged into a 220 volt outlet over the course of two to three days. Our home elevator will be ready to use as soon as they are constructed, and will require minimum maintenance for years to come. These home elevators save homeowners money in the long run because they don’t require any oils, gases, or lubricants to be refilled every year. The first recommended maintenance is after 5 years or around 15,000 lifts.

The Three Models

Each of our three residential lifts, which range in size from a single passenger to a wheelchair accessible model, is designed to fit into diverse places and provide homeowners with varied benefits. Every home elevator constructed is individually tailored to the heights of each property, with the ability to travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet in total elevation. Our one-passenger model is the ideal cost-effective, space-saving alternative for homeowners who want their elevator to fit snugly into a small room or recess, for example. This model, which is the smallest completely licensed home elevator, requires very little modification and may be a pleasant addition to any type of home. Our two-passenger model is our standard model, balancing room and comfort nicely. With an outer diameter of only 37″ inches, this model offers greater space and functionality, including the possibility of installing a foldable seat and handle inside the cabin. Finally, our three-passenger, wheelchair-accessible lift is our largest and most roomy type. The transparent design stands beautifully in an open environment while delivering an exquisite addition that will capture people’s attention and imagination. It can fit most full-sized wheelchairs as well as an attendant within.

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