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Possession and Consumption of Marijuana from a Legal Aspect


Possession and Consumption of Marijuana from a Legal Aspect

In the United States, possession and consumption of marijuana are considered an illegal act because cannabis is still regarded as a narcotic, according to the country’s federal law. However, state laws are often in conflict with the prohibition on the national level, so there are jurisdictions where you can freely use cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

California is one of those territories. You can buy and possess marijuana in a legal way without worries that you can have any problems. Still, that is just a general explanation, and there are indeed a few restrictions you have to know about. Those have to be followed despite the fact that marijuana is legalized in California.

Some Restrictions Exist to Protect Vulnerable Groups

Minors are not allowed to buy and possess cannabis regardless of their intentions. The abuse of cannabis is at a high level among that population, so the rule exists to support the health of young people. It is also not allowed to use marijuana in public places. You can instead go to a marijuana dispensary in California, where you can freely consume cannabis in the most comfortable way. You should not smoke in streets, parks, or any other places of public gathering because you can be fined or even sent to jail if you perform such an activity. It is also not allowed while under the influence of cannabis. You should use public transportation if you use marijuana recently, and you have to drive to some other location.

The possession of marijuana is allowed in California contrary to the federal law, however, it is forbidden to buy and possess big quantities. The maximum is 28, 5 grams per consumer, and it is forbidden to have hemp dispensary in California more than that amount in your pockets ate your home, car, or anywhere else. And it is not necessary at all when you can always purchase an additional dose for yourself in an open market. So it is possible to plan ahead if you have a need for larger quantities of marijuana.

Medical and Recreational Dispensaries in California

Many dispensaries provide marijuana developed by the best brands, so you can enjoy the quality of such products. The same rules apply to the citizens as well as the tourist. You just have an ID card that reveals your true age as well as your identity and a credit card. The recreational dispensaries are made to support those who use marijuana because of curiosity or any other reasons.

Medical dispensaries, however, have a purpose to help patients with different health problems. They might have chronic pain, suffer from stress, or any other health issues. If you use marijuana for a medical purpose, you should have an appropriate medical card for the purpose that allows you to purchase this product. This situation is more or less the same in all the states where cannabis is legalized.

Different Laws from One Jurisdiction to Another

Territories that allowed just partially legalization typically have more strict rules. You are, for example, not allowed to consume marijuana for recreational purposes, and only individuals who suffer from an illness can use marijuana to improve their health state. The doctor’s prescription is usually necessary in that case. It proves that you are consuming marijuana to reduce or eliminate symptoms of some disorder or any other health problem.

Dispensaries in those states are also adapted to such circumstances, so they are more like small ambulances and hospitals. There are not visitors that come for fun, entertainment, or curiosity, just patients of whom many suffer from different serious illnesses. If you want to try marijuana for recreational purposes, you would have to travel to some of the states that allow such activity. Otherwise, it is not possible in a legal way.

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