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Reasons Why Online Shops Need Reviews


Reasons Why Online Shops Need Reviews

The largest e-commerce websites have product reviews. Marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy not only have product reviews, but many individual stores also have them. It’s obvious that customers rely heavily upon reviews to help them make informed purchases online and offline. Today’s blog will discuss why reviews are important, how to collect them, and the supporting statistics.

Four Reasons to Get Product Reviews on Your Site

Let’s look at the greatest benefits of having product reviews displayed in your shop if you are still unsure about whether or not to invest time and money.

Transparency is key to building trust

Your shop will look more transparent if you post product It gives the shop an appearance of transparency. Shop owners have the option to address any concerns head-on.

Negative reviews are, unfortunately, pretty much inevitable. Although everyone is imperfect, there will be some unflattering reviews. It’s not necessary to bury negative reviews with hundreds upon hundreds of positive reviews. However, it is a good idea to try to get as many positive reviews as you can.

They can’t be buried, so it is not a good idea to do that. Relevant review systems allow users to filter by ratings so that anyone who wants them can find them. Many shoppers will go to great lengths to find and read negative reviews about unknown websites. You have probably done it before.

It’s not because shoppers aren’t aware of this. schadenfreude. They will only look at negative comments about your shop and not for any other reason.

Shoppers would like to know what caused this negative review (i.e. Long shipping times, a product that is easily broken, etc.), and, most importantly, to see how the shop owner dealt with the situation they did not respond with an apology. Did they offer an apology? They replaced the product.

Review can be very helpful. Great insight into customer service quality online shop. This includes shop reviews more than a product review, but product reviews can also provide information about the shop (and vice-versa), and reviews often overlap with reviews written by customers.

Get more traffic by improving your Google ranking in search engine results

Product reviews can help your shop rank higher on Google search results. How do you achieve this? It’s quite simple, actually – user-generated content boosts SEO.

A review is shared when someone writes one. Google will quickly re-crawl pages that have been shared by this review, which is the equivalent of “adding new text” to them. Because Google loves “fresh content.”Your product pages will see higher search results and reap the benefits.

Everyone knows that the more you rank, you get more traffic.

Return rates lower

As we mentioned earlier, customers rely on each other for feedback before completing a purchase.

Businesses that have received a lot of reviews will receive more feedback from shoppers. Each visitor is different and will seek out different information. There are many reviews to look through. The product is clearly outlined to the customer. They are considering buying.

When customers have a better understanding of what they’re buying, it leads to lower feelings of disappointment and thus, lower return rates.

Speaking of giving shoppers more insights into your products, you might want to check out our article on unboxing videos.

Genuine feedback

Customers are likely to share their opinions and experiences with a product.

But, We’re all customers easy for us to forget that reviews don’t just serve our fellow shoppers. You, the business owner. Every review should be read. You should be able to tell if a product doesn’t meet your expectations.

If a certain product breaks easily or the colors are different than the product image, and enough people seem to complain about it, it might be time to get rid of that product (or make some adjustments to your product pages).

You should stop investing in inventory and advertising for products that don’t work or make your customers unhappy. In the long run, you want to keep them happy because the best customer is a loyal customer, right? Loyalty is like trust. It’s hard to win but easy to lose.

Statistics on reviews

If you are more of a “numbers person”, here are some statistics that support my points.

BrightLocal creates an annual reviews survey. Many interesting statistics were revealed in their 2019 survey. This chart stood out to me.

Although the chart speaks for itself, I want to highlight that most users who are part of the “strongest” online shoppers (i.e. Online reviews are very trusted by shoppers below 55 years old.

It is worth noting that online reviews have made it difficult for some shoppers to trust them. That’s why a closed-review system is important – they strongly reduce the number of fake reviews.

An Enclosed-review system means only customers who have been verified you can also leave reviews.

This statistic was also taken from the same survey and told an interesting story:

This chart shows that most users, especially those under 55, pay attention to the age and content of online reviews. It reinforces the notion that it is important to collect continuous reviews. Reviews that are too old lose some of their trustworthiness.

When it comes to the sources that consumers use to make product purchase decisions, eMarketer released some findings from March 2018 comparing UK and US internet users:

Three of the top four responses directly refer to third-party social evidence. Word of mouth? Ratings and reviews on websites and user reviews were up there.Search(Traditional) was also in the top four.

You should keep in mind that a search may lead to several options. It might also lead to third-party reviews. The brand’s website may also show up in the results.

This survey shows how consumers react to online reviews. This sums up everything that was mentioned: Consumers read reviews before purchasing from businesses (90%), they check the overall rating and avoid shops with less than 4 stars (94%), they pay more attention to reviews from recent customers (48%), and they are more likely to shop at shops that respond to negative reviews (45%).

The last statistic worth mentioning is:

This chart is pretty much complete. Only 3% of shoppers agree with the idea that positive reviews are insignificant in deciding whether they shop at a particular shop.

How to get more product reviews

You should know by now how important it can be to get product reviews for your shop. You can also get Google to highlight your stars. The more product reviews you have the better your customers will trust you.

You might wonder how to get your customers to leave feedback.

Reach out to your stars and ask for help

Let’s face it, customers won’t write reviews if you don’t have an amazing product at an unbelievable price.

There are many ways to ask them but the most important thing is to do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a postcard or an email you can ask them to do it!

Some companies will place a reminder inside the package this is a good idea. This is often enough to get the job done. The product will be tested by the users before being thrown out. However, the card will remind them that they can leave a review.

You can also email reminders to them. Some review providers offer a way to collect reviews.

The Reputation Manager, which is available in Trusted Shops, can be used to help older customers write reviews and send them to multiple review providers. This will help you improve your ratings on different platforms. Download our whitepaper to learn more.

Reward your customers for reviewing you

It can be tricky to reward customers who leave reviews. Although you cannot offer any incentives for positive reviews as per the law, you can offer something in exchange for a review.

It is as simple as thatYou can’t tell them if they must be good or not with your incentive. You may have to also label these reviews as being rewarded as a shop owner.Check your country’s laws on incentivizing reviewers to provide feedback.


Customer reviews can give them the confidence they need to shop online and make a purchase. You can gain trust from shoppers who are skeptical. You can gain valuable insights, decrease your return rates, and increase traffic to the site.

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