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Top Reasons Why It’s Now The Best Time To Buy A PlayStation 4


Top Reasons Why It’s Now The Best Time To Buy A PlayStation 4

Due to recent lockdown in various cities and countries, people are now at home all day long, and we’ll know that staying home for a long time is boring, even for introverts. People are searching for ways to make fun and one of the best ways to entertain yourself is by playing video games. A bunch of new game consoles have arrived in the market over the years, but any gamer knows that PlayStation is different.

PlayStation 5 is already on the way, but even the previous version PlayStation 4 has sold over 100 units worldwide, no game console has achieved this success. A lot of people are still hesitating whether to buy PlayStation 4 or not, that’s why we decided in this post to put together some of the reasons why we believe it’s the perfect time to buy PlayStation 4. Let’s jump in and see some of these reasons.

Why You Should Buy Playstation 4

It’s More Affordable Than Ever Before

When it’s first launched in 2013, it costs $400, but now due to increasing demands and PlayStation 5 is on the way, we’ve seen drop in price since then. Not only that, but the demand for video games has also increased recently due to lockdown in most countries. The price has now dropped; you can get discounts especially if you’re buying online. With $200 you can now buy well refurbished PlayStation 4 that’s in good function.

Don’t even be surprised to find a new PlayStation 4 deal at $200. Everyone now can afford to buy PlayStation 4 than ever before and that’s why we believe it’s the best time to buy one for yourself or your kids. You can even send as a gift to your loved ones in this Corona virus crisis period, it’ll encourage them to stay home and be safe.

PlayStation games are cheaper

First you have access to a tons of games for free, and then secondly with the PlayStation plus subscription you have access to premium games for free. You can subscribe by purchasing PSN Cards or you can even receive as a gift for free and then use it to buy your subscription and enjoy all your favorite games without investing much out of your own pocket. Cheap PSN gift cards are available for purchase online, you can start with $10 PSN Cards to make your purchase from the PlayStation network.

Sony offers one of the best deals

The PlayStation 4 loyalty program comes with a lot of benefits when compared to its competitors in the market like Xbox one and the like of them. Sony’s PlayStation is less expensive than most game consoles out there and yet it has more powerful features than all of them. the PlayStation Plus loyalty program give you the following benefits;

  • You can enjoy your games online with multiple players, that’s a great way to enjoy other people’s company who’re far from you.
  • You’ll receive monthly discounts on games.
  • It also provides free games every month, if you don’t want to invest in buying games, this is a bonus for you. you’ll receive free games throughout your subscription.

PlayStation 4 has the best collection of games

Even its biggest rival, Xbox one, can’t really compete with PlayStation 4 when it comes to games collection, whether you’re looking for exclusive games or your favorite movie games, you’ll definitely find them for PlayStation 4. Add as many games you like; whatever your mood is you’ll find games you’re comfortable with in terms of price or even the free ones that are available for download. Having the PlayStation plus subscription gives you access to 100’s of games free of charge.

They have the most refined gamepad

The gamepad has been updated from previous versions and we believe they’re the best. some people believe DualShock 4 is the best, but we’ll say that it’s evolutionary, while Sony’s gamepad is revolutionary. If you love to use gamepad you should definitely go ahead and buy PlayStation 4.

PlayStation is definitely one of the best gaming console, they’re popular worldwide for more than two decades, and that’s not because they’re overrated, it’s because they’re truly the best. People are locked at home than ever before, and if you’re looking for something that will keep you engaged, then look no further to PlayStation 4. The new series is arriving soon, according to Sony’s plans, it’s supposed to arrive last month in March, but now due to global crisis, they’re holding the release.

The PlayStation 5 will be more expensive the PlayStation 4, it’s better to test out PlayStation 4 and if you like it you can upgrade to the newer series that’s around the corner. PlayStation 4 isn’t perfect, but when compared to other game consoles, it’s definitely ahead in terms of features that count. So let us know in the comments what you think about PlayStation 4 and also share your experience.

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