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YouTube: Videos That Converts

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YouTube: Videos That Converts

Did you know that play is the most persuasive call to action? Digital marketing strategy?Marketing managers need to create video content that converts.

These data support the audiovisual format’s power.Within two years, video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic.. Are you prepared for the future? You can create video content that converts and open up a huge market for conversion.

It’s a powerful support that can be engaged in a meaningful way. It can help you achieve your goals if it has a compelling background. What gives video content the ability to engage?

It combines images, words and text to deliver more information in a fraction of a second than any other method.type of content.It is easier to create emotional connections this way. Remember that emotions are highly valuable.

Texts can generate emotions if you let your imagination run wild and open your mind. Either you’re completely immersed in the story, or you won’t feel any emotion. It is that complicated.

A video, on the other hand can emphasize certain aspects that will unconsciously trigger emotions. A combination of sounds, words and nonverbal communication can create an intonation that makes the user feel more. This is what gives it its power.

Video’s impact on users

Video allows you to communicate with your customers in a powerful way. This format is the most comprehensive and can best convey the brand’s personality. It is the best format for your brand.It can not only impress and cause emotions in users but it can also significantly increase your conversions.

According to Tubular Insights, consumers spend approximately 6 hours a week watching videos on social networks:

  • 46% admitted to making a purchase after viewing a video from a brand on social media.
  • 76% of respondents admitted in the study that they are more likely to watch videos when they have been recommended by family and friends.
  • The opening rate of emails increases by 19% when video is used in the subject line.

You must remember that the analysis of the results will focus on video content that converts.

  • 57% of viewers stated that they had gained the information necessary to familiarize themselves with the brand and the product/service after watching the video.
  • 54% said videos were relevant to them.
  • Are users able to recognize when they are being called upon to take action? Yes. 92% of those video are easily detectable.

How do you interpret these data?Every day, users receive thousands of brand messages and know exactly what they want to convey through them.You must. It is important to surprise them. You will make your brand more visible and keep them interested.Top of mind

According toUnrulyDataOnline video ads increase purchase intent by 97%. They increase brand recognition by 139%

How can you create video content that converts well?

It is time to create your video and tell stories. Before we can identify the keys, it is important to understand:Mobile is always in your mindAccording toYoutubeThe consumption of online videos from mobile devices is growing at a rate exceeding 100% each year.

1.- Keep your goal in sight.

Are you looking to increase the engagement of your users? Do you want your video to go viral? Are you looking for users to interact? Are you looking to convert?

Like any other strategy,Setting goals is the first step in building your campaign. Then, work towards them!. You must also ask yourself if your actions are directed at your goal. You will need to rethink your strategy if this is the case.

2.- Give your audience a great insight

Your video should be adapted to the perceptions of your audience. Your users will appreciate how much you know about them.

Are your target Millenials with a deep understanding of the world of technology? Are they women aged between 30-50 who are passionate about fashion and sports? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what your style is.

According to the human brain can decipher sounds that are associated with emotions faster than any other content.. You can try to go into their past. You won’t be able to change their past because they are already familiar with it. Use sounds to take them back to their childhood. Your brand can help them travel through time.

3.- Video can have more impact when it is new

It is hard to be original and you may need inspiration to come up with new ideas. If you get to know your target, you’ll know the impact they have and what type of content they consume.

An analysis of your competitors will give you additional information about the products and services that are being offered. This will allow you to take a list of all the available information and add it to your wishlist.

Video works best when there is something new. It is important to try new situations. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. You can record videos from your car, inside your house, or in a warehouse.Change your work and be unpredictable

4.- Choose catchy songs

Use catchy songs to increase brand awareness and convert more customers.

A can also be usedBrand Jingle. This isA technique that works is to use a song that best describes you in your ads.. This will allow the user to hear the brand name even if he isn’t watching the video.

McDonald’s is a brand that has a clear and easily identifiable jingle. This strategy will help you to reinforce your brand image.

5. Influencers: Yes or No?

Influencers are crucial in the dissemination aspect of your message. Therefore, when creating your videos, think about your audience and the influencers that have a positive impact on them.

The best influencer marketing campaigns are also created taking into account not only their volume but also their voice. This is very sensible.People who have an influence over users will know what interests them.

6.- Keep your consistency

And being consistent implies planning. You must search for every opportunity to do so, regardless of the platform or type of video that you are launching.

It doesn’t take much to make ads that have moving stories. Make use of social media to take advantage of the video’s power. Snapchat, like Instagram, will allow you to connect with millennials.

Every platform is unique. ButThe majority of people are introducing streaming video because they want it. Make use of it.

7.- Choose from a range of topics to launch your videos

It is vital. It could happen that you don’t have the resources you require. It is difficult to create video content that converts. A good calendar will help you plan the creation and distribution dates for your videos.

Videos can be used as customer service tools. To answer users’ questions, you can use all of your knowledge.


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